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The Reason and Solution of Milling Surface Joints in CNC Machining Parts Customization The Reason and Solution of Milling Surface Joints in CNC Machining Parts Customization

Ⅰ. The reasons for the joining of the milling surface in the customization of CNC machine parts

In the actual CNC machine part customization, we will often find that when using a large cutterhead to mill the surface, the axial vector above is not large, but the first half of the blade does not drop chips, and the second half of the blade can not be scraped at all. Or after the first half of the blade has passed, the second half of the blade is still cutting.

The cutterhead end face and the X axis are not vertical, that is, the Z axis and the X axis are not vertical, which is very obvious when the CNC machine parts are milled on the left and right sides of the large plane, and the joint printing in the middle of the two knives is difficult to accept.

However, usually precision mechanical parts processing method to detect the spindle, is to use the X axis to pull out a straight facade, the spindle sticks to the watch wheel large circle, and then the diameter difference from the inland gauge pressure difference. The results are often qualified, but how can this be explained?

Ⅱ. Solution of milling surface joint in CNC machine parts customization

In the customization of CNC machine parts, the gauge pressure data is played in the state where the transmission gear is unloaded and the rail pressure plate is stuck.

CNC machine parts are exactly the opposite, which is carried out when the transmission wheel drives the column chassis and the rail pressure plate is completely released.

The operation of the chassis is affected by different static pressure pressures on the contact surface of the guide rail, including both horizontal guide rail and side rail guide rail. This causes the friction of each part to be different, and the chassis has a twisting force when running, which affects the deviation of the verticality of the spindle above.

Under normal circumstances, on the shunt of the static pressure line of CNC machine parts, each line is connected to a pressure gauge interface, so it is enough to adjust the static pressure everywhere to a consistent one. If you can't eliminate the problem, you have to adjust the position or thickness of the wedge.

Ⅲ. The principle of CNC precision turning components

The control system of CNC machine parts manufacturers must be sorted by code in order to carry out CNC machining. In precision machining, the program must be entered into the machine's control system via a keyboard or tape.

When the system reads the input, the CNC precision turning components and the machine drive motor (feed motor) will move the slider. For example, a CNC lathe with two motors or a CNC milling machine with three motors.

In CNC machining, the control system converts the code into an electrical signal and then controls the motor operation. However, since the signal of the system is low-power rotation, the motor driver works as discontinuous.

This is why it is necessary to send a signal to the amplifier. After the system drive of CNC precision turning components manufacturer is amplified, the precision processing signal is sent to the motor and the horizontal axis, and it is moved by the program design.

The speed and distance of the moving platform need to be set manually by the precision machine operator, as it is not visible in the CNC machine control system. When installing the machine, the operator needs to observe the edge of the workpiece and the position of the platform with his eyes, which is prone to error.

Therefore, CNC machine part manufacturers need a tool that can tell the position of the control system platform and the position of the horizontal axis, this equipment is called a measurement system, which consists of a vertical scale (linear scale) and the same number of axial motion cores.

It sends an electrical signal corresponding to the distance of the mobile platform, so that the controller system knows the distance.

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